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Icons by summerxmist

summerxmist's Icon Journal
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Icons Made by summerxmist
W E L C O M E;;  T H E  R U L E S ;; A F F I L I A T E S 
and welcome to yunalesca_icons!

You've found the icon
journal of summerxmist! I'm just a graphic designer who loves
making icons! I have only just recently become re-accustomed to graphic making
after a long hiatus! 

I use Adobe Phototshop 6.0 [old and hardxcore ;]] and ImageReady 3.0.

I don't do much animation as I am just learning the basics, however, there
will be animation in some of my icons!

Due to college work, I
may not update as regularly as I would like, so please don't hunt me down and
strap me to my laptop if you don't hear from me for a while!

Also, I enter many Icontests, so some updates here will be with icons that
have been entered in Icontests. Usually I will update with icons from the same
fandoms as I find it difficult to create lots of icons at once from different
fandoms, but on occasions when the results of icontests are published, I will
post mixed fandom posts

Disclaimer;; I do not own any of the fandoms I Icon. All Characters etc are copyrighted to their respective owners and publishers!

That's all for now I think!

Enjoy the icons and don't forget to read the rules >>


If you take one of my icons, please credit me! it doesn't take long!

this is all it takes. See, it didn't take much did it? Either credit summerxmist
or yunalesca_icons.

oo2. Upload to your own server. Hotlinking kills servers! *strokes server*

oo3. Critique is appreciated muchly! Good and Bad, please tell me! This
way I can learn what people like and don't like!

oo4. If I post a 'request an Icon' post, please be aware that I am, after all,
only human and requests will be fulfilled in order of request! 

oo5. Have fun! If you don't think my pairing in one of my icons is 'right'
please don't take it seriously! Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and
I respect that, so you should too!

oo6. Feel free to join and watch the community!
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